Pepper and Olive



Base pricing is labor only and includes welting or top stitch, basic kick pleat skirt or no skirt, and installed zipper for easy removal. All items are serger finished, making them washable and durable. Upgrades increase the price and are itemized below. Yardage estimates greatly depend on the type of skirt you desire. A ruffled skirt uses two to three times the amount of  fabric as a basic kick pleat skirt. Once we discuss your needs, I will be able to give you a better yardage estimate.  Estimates are good for 6 months.

Delivery Fee: $25 (Total pick up and drop off )

Pillows with welting, ruffle, or french welt: $25-30

Ottomans and backless benches $100-150 (2-6 yards)

Dining room chairs, seat only $75-100(1-4 yards per chair)

Dining room chairs, seat and back or parson chair $125-200 (2-5 yards per chair)

*Chair (wing back, club, etc) $250-275(8-12 yards)

*Chaise, settee, Love Seat $300-350 (12-16 yards)

*Sofa: $400 (up to 85” long 18-24 yards, up to 106” 19-27 yards)

Sectionals: Please call or inquire with an email and a photo

*This price reflects a piece of furniture without back cushions. Please add $25 per back cushion.
Personalizing your slipcover: 

Upgrades (Please inquire about pricing)

Skirts: Ruffled, Box Pleat, Knife Pleat

Welting: French Welting

Closures: Button Closure, Tie Closure, Inverted Back Pleat, Ballet Ties, Exposed Wood/Tabs
Specialty Upgrades:

Lining, waterproof lining or underslip: + 50% of base price

Inner slips: $20 per cushion (These are necessary for cushions that are loose batting/fiber that is not contained in an inner membrane. The benefit of a slipcover is being able to wash them. Without inner slips, your batting/stuffing will not be contained when you remove your slipcover.)

Arm covers: $25