Pepper and Olive

How it Works


Pepper and Olive works differently than most slipcover/upholstery businesses. As the client, with your own personal preferences and tastes, you will purchase your own fabric*. I have several resources for you to acquire fabric at very reasonable prices. If you are planning on washing your slipcovers, you will need to pre-shrink your fabric by washing** and drying it. If you do not do this, your slipcover will not fit after its first wash. I also encourage you to “shop” Pinterest for inspiration. What kind of skirts do you like? Welting or no welting? Once your fabric is ready and you have an idea as to what you like, we make an appointment for me to come to your home for a personal fitting. This process of very FUN! I make a pattern out of your fabric for your furniture. Once everything is pinned and fit, I bring it back to my workroom and sew it up. Your furniture stays with you. You do not have to live without a sofa for 2-3 weeks. There are few exceptions to this rule. Dining room chairs, furniture with exposed wood frames, and furniture with inverted pleats down the back are easiest to work on in my workroom.


When you know that this is what you are looking for, give me a call, send me an email or message me on Facebook! You can send me a photo of your furniture, we can talk fabric and ideas.


* The best fabrics for slipcovers are upholstery weight cotton, linen, denim, twill, duck cloth and canvas. These drape nicely and yet have some structure to them.
* *Washing can change the color and texture of fabric, in particular cotton prints. I recommend washing a ½ yard first before you wash it all, and then decide you do not like the changes in the fabric. If you do not like the changes, the finished slipover will need to be dry clean only.