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Due to where we live and the ease of online shopping, I do not carry fabric. But, I sure am happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for!

I recommend medium to heavyweight (8 oz-12 oz) fabric that is durable, washable and classic in design. My personal preference is cotton or linen. They “sculpt” the best to your furniture and feel the best to the touch.

Please, please, please order swatches. What you see on your computer screen is usually not what you get. Some “natural” colored fabrics will have peachy undertones and some “natural” colored fabrics are almost white.

Nick of Time is a fantastic source for denim. You can’t beat their prices. The more you order, the better their prices get. Denim is very durable, has minimal shrinkage and gets softer with washing and everyday use. Denim has a slight ribbed texture to it that makes it perfect for families with pets. You can have a white sofa in your family room, I promise. That is the beauty of having a slipcover. Just be careful not to order anything with the word “stretch” in it.

Brushed twill is like a lighter weight “baby denim”. The texture is much more fine and the top of the fabric is brushed leaving it with a flannel quality. This is seriously the softest fabric I have used for a client. This is lighter on the medium weight scale and I would not recommend this in super high traffic spots. This one in particular is almost white and so very pretty.

Big Duck Canvas is the source I recommend for canvas. Again, you can’t beat their prices.  They have just about any color imaginable. Canvas is durable and gets softer with wear and wash. It does have a wrinkle to it- it is just what it does. The weave to canvas is super flat without any texture. The benefit to this is it is less absorbent. If there is a spill, liquid tends to pill and roll making it very easy to clean small “oopsies”.

Yep! This is a link to Home Depot. Canvas drop cloths are the perfect “grey-beige” color, super durable, bleachable, and get so incredibly soft after washing. The texture, although a flat woven, fluffs up with washing. I have this throughout my house and it is one of my favorites. Added benefit, it is about $2 a yard when you break it down.

Gray Line Linen Alrighty, this is some good stuff! For 11 oz linen this is, probably, the best price that is out there. If you need more than 25 yards, it gets even less! I have this on my sofa in my living room and it is my absolute favorite. Linen is very unique and very popular right now in interior design. It is classic but very casual. If you wash your linen, it will have a wonderful all over wrinkle to it. If  you do not wash it, keeping it “dry clean only,” it retains it’s smooth texture. (I personally think nothing is better than washed linen=) The color oatmeal hides dog hair like nothing else I have seen and the more I wash it, the better it gets.

If you are looking for designer fabric at the absolute best price, these are my recommendations:

FabricGuru Hello! $4.99 shipping!!! You do need to be mindful as to how much is available. They mainly deal in remnants, which makes them perfect if you need less than 20 yards.


LA Fabric District

Last but not least, there is always the fabric district in Los Angeles. It can be overwhelming but the best deal goes to the person who knows what they are looking for, buying a lot, paying with cash and who asks “is this your best price”.

Here is a great resource with tips and info on shopping the fabric district:

Pepper & Olive is not sponsored by any of these businesses. All opinions are my own. These may not be the best prices available but, in my experience, the price for the quality is very good.

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