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It’s me.

I was wondering if after all these years…

Haha! So sorry. You probably are now going to have that song stuck in your head all day now, right?

<You’re Welcome!>

How can we already be heading into February? Hmmm…can February be the new January?

There are so many new followers on Instagram and Facebook ¬†that I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Autumn. I’m a wife, mother of 4, iced coffee drinker (grande, cream, one packet of agave) with an inappropriate sense of humor and this little place you’ve landed yourself in is my sweet spot! I love all things home. I started slipcovering furniture for myself 9 years ago and have now been doing so professionally for 2 years. I am a serial decorator. Pretty furniture makes my heart race and my palms sweat. I’m not joking. My style is constantly evolving but slipcovers are still a constant in my decor. And, that is me in a nutshell. If you have the time, poke around the website. You will find a lot of the information you need to get started on your next slipcover project.

Loose Fitted Slipcovers in White Denim

(White bull denim with a cottage (loose) fit and tailored skirt)

There are so many cool things coming this year for P&O. First, you will notice the updated website. (Funny story, a client asked if the original pictures were pictures from my home ¬†<they were> but the only piece that is still here is the gate leg table. I work on a three year rotation around here…haha) The gallery is also in the process of being updated. I’m looking for an easy way to keep that updated. You know, so you don’t think I haven’t slipcovered something in over a year!

Pottery Barn Inspired White Denim

(White 12 oz. bull denim with tailored skirts, inspired by Pottery Barn)

You will also notice more Home Chronicle posts. Whenever I’m talking to a client (or my hairdresser) about what is in the works at my home they ask why I am not blogging about it. So, I am going to make an effort to do more of that! This year is a big year on our home front. In addition to little renovations that add storage and function to this house of ours, we will be working on the kitchen.

And, the last big update is a virtual marketplace! P&O Mercantile is in the works and you should see an announcement for it’s opening this summer! My clients have spoken. I have listened. My clients love their home and have made investments in their furniture but when it comes to bringing in patterns and color, some are afraid and aren’t sure where to start. P&O Mercantile will help solve that problem with curated fabric collections in up to date color pallets and patterns with a whole-lotta global influence.

Cheers to 2016!



PS. I am booked into March. If you have a project you would like to see finished, please contact me to get on my list for April.



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