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Catching up on Summer, Hitting the Books and the Linen Queen


School for us has begun. We have been homeschoolers since the beginning of my children’s education, 8 years formally to be exact. Each new year is so incredibly different from the year before. It began with homeschooling one, to homeschooling two, another year with a newborn, and then a newborn and a toddler, and yet another dealing with IEPs and reading delays. This year’s item is balancing a growing business. And, so far so good. We have a schedule down. We have help from grandma (Mr. Ruji’s mom) and we have shifted some family roles. When I am in production, dinner is thawed but Mr. Ruji is cooking dinner. Yes, this is only two weeks in. And, yes, our family commitments with the YMCA Great Y Circus (as in unicycles, juggling and trapeze) hasn’t begun yet but the horizon looks manageable. I like manageable. In the mean time, before our schedules run us, we are trying to soak up these last few weeks of summer with trips to the beach and mid-week trips to Disneyland.

On to business…I seriously LOVE my clients. And I use the term ‘clients’ loosely because really, by the time I install, we are friends. It all starts with an email or a Facebook message.

This client was having a heck of a time finding fabric. She ordered swatches, they rolled in one after the other…met with disappointment. I could tell by the swatches she was ordering that we have similar taste. I happened to be shopping for myself (I can’t wait to share!) and discovered Grey Line Linen and their Home Furnishing Linen. A beautiful 11 oz. linen with lovely texture and affordable with a discount over 25 yards. I ordered some swatches and encouraged her to do the same. We both fell in love with Oatmeal. She chose not to pre-shrink to keep the crisp linen look (making it dry clean only).  And, ruffles! She sent me a couple of inspiration pictures with short ruffled skirts. During design and fitting we chose a 4″ ruffle with a 2″ rise off of the floor so her new legs peek from underneath.  Please excuse the wrinkles. I bag them for installation and it happens.

Before, there were stains where the steam cleaner pulled the foam through the white corduroy:




This particular linen has a grain (similar to a cut piece of wood). All pieces were cut with a vertical grain to match.




Ruffle skirt with welt detail:


Arm detail (excuse the lumps and bumps in the back pillow. When opening the original cover -at 10 pm the night before instillation- the fluff wasn’t contained in a membrane. We have plans to fix that ;):





Throw pillow:



Future and returning clients: My scheduling is booking up for fall! If you are thinking about getting work done before the Holidays, now is the time. I will be closing the week of Thanksgiving through January 1st. Currently, turn around is about two weeks out.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


2 thoughts on “Catching up on Summer, Hitting the Books and the Linen Queen

  1. Kimberly Nelson

    Hi Autumn, We emailed recently and I’m having a hard time deciding on fabric for my chair. I love the linen in this pic. Can you tell me which one this is? Also considering denim in cream or flax type color. I do have children and two schnauzers and a cat. Which material would stand up better to washings?

    Appreciate your help!


  2. eruji Post author

    Hey Kim! Yep, got your email 😉 The above is Grey Line Linen from their Home Furnishing selection in Oatmeal. Denim vs. Linen…They are both hardy fabrics. And, like any fabric, the heavier in weight you go, the more durable it is. They are both natural fibers. Denim is made from cotton (generally) and linen is made from flax. What it really comes down to is aesthetic preferences. Linen, when washed, has a “crumple and floppy” look. It is upscale-casual. And, quite frankly, beautiful. (Can you tell my bias…haha). Denim has a crisper, stiffer appearance. It holds its shape really well. If you go for a white, it is bleach-able. Personally, if I was doing my living room sofa I would choose (and have chosen linen). If I was doing my family room sectional that my kids flop on, the dogs jump on, etc I would choose denim or canvas. Here is a nice and heavy yale denim: Here is another nice and weighty denim that comes in several colors: and here is the link for the linen used above I hope this helps!

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