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Home Chronicles: The Breakfast Nook


Ahhhh! I have a short break in between clients right now. Actually, there are about 6 getting their fabric situated. And everyone is going to be ready to go on the same exact day. And that day will also fall on the first week of school. Murphy’s Law. That’s what is going to happen.

During this little break I am busy finishing up projects around the house. It feels good. It actually feels REALLY good. My goal is to start in the kitchen and work my way through the house one project at a time. This week I focused on a little nook that sits in the back of my kitchen. It was designed to be a “breakfast nook”. And, for a while we used it as such. But, here is the deal. On the other side of my not so big kitchen is our “dining room”. I use dining room loosely because, really, everything is open to each other and not one of these areas are very large. What was happening was the dining room table would get piled down from mail and whatever else that got brought in from the car and we would all squish around the little nook table at dinner. Then we started homeschooling, added a bookcase to the little nook and that is where we did some school work. That lasted until we outgrew that little bookcase, added a couple more kids,  and no longer fit at the little table. And, well, having two tables in such a small space felt silly. We were running from our piles of stuff and not addressing what we needed.

A couple of years ago I came across a set of chairs on Craigslist. They were older, from the 80’s, and covered in some awesome pink polyester. I am sure at one point they went with a nice slate blue sofa and there were pink and blue pictures of geese hanging above them. But their shape is absolutely classic. They are american made with lofty cushions. And, they were $20 bucks…for both of them. Mr. Ruji brought them home for me and they went straight into the garage. Last summer I sold the little nook table and brought in the chairs. My thought was that they were never going to get covered unless their beauty hit me in the face every morning. And, now, a year later, they are finally slipcovered.

Before (they had skirts, but I ripped them off to cover):




This is the spot in the house with the most beautiful views of the mountains and officially my absolute favorite spot. Morning devotionals, coffee, breakfast, mommy time-outs…it all happens here. It isn’t finished. (Is it ever?) I, ahem, Mr. Ruji still needs to wire up my lantern I picked up for the space and I would like to add a little side table in between the two chairs. But, I am looking for something very specific and will know it when I find it. The antique dresser on the left holds table linens and cook books. And, did I mention my chippy-teal-green shutters? Yeah, they are my favorite. They were a score from Aymie’s Attic in Yucaipa. The poofs are older and from Target. My younger two like to hang out on them. I like to move them closer to use as a foot rest.


I used 8 oz. drop cloth canvas from Home Depot. I needed neutral, inexpensive, bleach-able, and durable. This fitted my needs beautifully. I kept the skirt pretty simple and wanted a little bit of a drag on the floor to make them look more relaxed. The pillows are covered in HGTV home dec. fabric from Joann.

The chairs and tea table are constantly moving around between dogs and kids, so I added a jute rug to anchor them. I think I may need to go back and add a rug pad because this rug is pretty light and slips around on my slick floors.  The tea table is coated in a custom mix of Annie Sloan. I used two parts Old White to one part Chateau Grey with clear and dark wax.

The details:

After Detail

After Arm Detail


Have a great weekend, friends!


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