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Summer Lovin’


We are done with school for a couple of months, vacations are planned and lots of sewing is happening!

At the beginning of June I whipped up a couple of chairs to display at the Scarlet Threads Boutique.  This is a consignment event aimed at women and only lasts a weekend.  I decided a whole week before the deadline to do this, in the midst of a large sofa and love seat order. Let’s just say that my husband was thrown into assistant bootcamp ironing, pinning pleats, and surging cushions. I was so nervous. Silly, I know, but it felt like I was making my business debut, open for public opinion. Kind of scary. Does every craft professional feel this way or is it just me?

Okay, on to the pretties:

I really wanted the set to look and feel like something I would have in my home, classic but relaxed and comfortable. I took an outdated $23 chair I purchased from Habitat for Humanities ReStore that was structurally sound, ripped off her skirt, and turned it into a sweet little lady in white cotton duck with a box pleat skirt and updated the back pillow with a box cushion following the lines of the chair.  The throw pillow is a beautiful printed cotton by HGTV with welting and a hidden zipper. Pardon some of the quality of the photos…phone shots…I know.

blue chair after

And the before:

blue chair before

The dining room chair is my own personal chair that had an old slip that I ordered years ago from one of those online slipcover companies that you send your measurements and they make it. The fabric didn’t hold up well and the quality of the design wasn’t the best. Oh, how happy my dining room is with these lovely ladies!!! I used a grey duck cloth with our monogram stitched in white thread and a waterfall skirt.

white chair after


white chair before

They look so cute together.

After Display

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