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There is Always a First


Now this isn’t my first slipcover. No, I have made many. However, this is the first slipcover I have made “professionally”. This is also the first slipcover I have made without the piece in my home, cutting and sewing piece by piece. Yes, just had to trust my pinning.

As a new business, I couldn’t have asked for a better first client. REALLY!  I am a very lucky girl! She was the kind of gal that sat and chatted the entire time I worked. We sipped wine. She encouraged me, asked questions and then encouraged some more. You know there are some people who suck your energy and others who are just gems. Yeah, she is the latter.

We started off with a large love seat that was destined for the curb. Other than some torn upholstery under the cushions and some dirt, it was in great structural condition begging for a make-over. And a make-over is what we gave it. This client chose to use canvas drop cloths. You know, the kind you get at Lowes in the paint aisle. She pre-shrunk the fabric panels before we scheduled our appointment, so they are machine washable.  After sending some pictures of different options, she chose a clean design without a skirt. She also chose to have the cushions under-slipped. When we removed the cover, batting went everywhere. These are a permanent pillow slip hand finished that will keep the fiber contained when she is ready to wash them. Then she chose a great print for lumbar pillows with feather inserts.  And, well,  the picture speak for themselves.

(Note to self: you should check you photos before you think you are done, taking time to smooth fabric and adjust piping lines, because it will drive you crazy and contemplate calling the client for a re-shoot.)





Taking the welting to the floor for a pretty side view:


Hidden zipper for easy removal:



Pillows with welting, hidden zippers, and feather inserts:


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